Gedichte 2
  Was ist Liebe???

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19.10.08 19:22
Ich war gerade unterwegs und bin auf deine Seite gekommen. Sie gefällt mir sehr gut. Du hast wirklich sehr gute Gedichte.

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6.12.06 21:48
Hey coole page!!! Anders als meine!! Hattest am wie immer ma wieder recht! LG Meggie

1 poison banana
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20.8.06 13:50
Gangsta grill mixtape right now. ey yo it's me the real old G,
ready for conquering . Lights camera action show time baby I'll do this all day until i damn die. I'm in love with it and in the club with it. Some people call me the dirty cypa but i keep on rollin. God damn man u know me the king of cologne holding my city down. U already know my favourite kind of music dirty south baby for life!

1 poison banana
( -/- )
20.8.06 13:44
Drama King is back. Eh Steffie u believe in miracles when u say u know me homie. U can give a damn who i'm. I gotta eat so i'm killing in the streets u all gotta pay. shorty all i wanna do is bringing my family the food on the table. I promise u all my shotgun won't play. No matter how long it takes homie money doesn't make me, i know they hate me, homie u cann keep on trying but I'll ride with my gangsta lady to the wheels fall off.

Fuck that u know what it is. Holla when u see me --
I catch these ------ in the streets and kick them from the globe.
Better pray when u see a real gangsta like me.

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