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( -/- )
19.8.06 18:40
danke für die einträge poison banana.... schreib rühig weiter ich will gegensatz zu mara auch nicht wissen wer du bist denn ich weiß es also was sollst mich würde nur interessiren über wlschen blog du an meinen gekommen bist... naja biss denne

1 poison banana
( -/- )
19.8.06 16:30
What 's up? Come up like a low rider but hold on shorty or get blown away. I see u faking from my shadow and people want smack u. who got the juice now man? just smack back. we one blood cause i'm married to my gun. some people hate but smile in my face like it's alright, fuck em. No mercy no fear let em' hate and holla back. Lights camera and action and look at me now a grown man in front of u ready to blast u away. U can hate it or love it but things won't change. Who want bump heads with me come on now it's your last chance to stop me remember!I'm so fly how can i proof u man?

1 poison banana
( -/- )
19.8.06 16:29
Guess who's back in this mo............ Feel my pain i break it down all day, the grown man presents u a gangsta grill mixtape
. U have got a deja -ú with me. i feel like i'm reborn, a soldier with a cold hold heart on the way to the top , don't cross his pahts or get shot. I'm a old G and from the old school and let me show u what i'm about , close your eyes hold your breath
and think about what the song says. I'm a king these pussies can just see me in their dreams so keep my name out your mouth.
And i got a problem with u if u got a problem with me so let us handle the case right here. I see ya all!

( Email / Website )
17.8.06 17:08

hab mir grad deinen blog angeguckt und wollt dir nur mitteilen dass ich die gedichte toll finde :-)

liebe grüße,
eine ehemalige hagerläuferin

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